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2 F 0 al l F 17 lye r TENS Electric Pulse Stimulator Memory Foam Sleep Leg Pillow Finger Pulse Oximeter MDTS116 Reg. $49.99 Sale $27.99 Fully featured pain reliving unit that can immediately target trouble pain areas around your body. Features 8 pulse modes, 10 levels of strength and a large easy to read LCD display screen. Displayed graphic information features details on mode, intensity and time remaining on each function. FH1032 Reg. $22.99 Sale $19.99 MD300C2 Reg. $69.99 Sale $45 Supportive and therapeutic cushion: it keeps your legs, hips and spine aligned, thereby relieving strain and even promoting circulation in those areas. Incredibly soft, the pillow’s machine washable velour cover feels great against bare skin MD300C2 from Choicemmed is a high quality Pulse Oximeter which has become an everyday and common device to check oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. As a small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device, this fingertip pulse oximeter is widely applied in clinic, hospital, social medical organization, first aid and home care etc. Leg Strider Exerciser - Get Fit while you sit FH1035 Reg. $49.99 Sale $37.99 FH1036 Reg. $85 Sale $69.99 The Forsite Health Adjustable Back Rest will make reading and sitting up in bed a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Say goodbye to propping up pillows and having to constantly readjust. It features a breathable and easy to clean mesh fabric cover and pillow for added comfort. Ideal for those with acid reflux, reading in bed, use in chairs & sitting on the floors (with back rest against a wall). • Unit Measures: 23” (W) x 24” (H) x 18” (D) • Pillow Measures: 12.5” x 7” • Folds flat for convenient storage • Adjusts to 5 positions from a low lying angle to an upright sitting position The Forsite Health Leg Strider Exerciser allows you to get a full lower body workout with little to no impact, all while See page 3 for sitting! This Leg Strider is more details perfect for use under a table, on your sofa or on just about any chair. Unlike mini exercise bikes that can bang your knees underneath the desk, the Leg Strider allows you to gently glide back and forth as well as side to side, giving you a low impact workout without the cycling motion, ideal for those with bad knees. The movement of the strider is just like an elliptical machine. 1 . 8 00.520.3259 Adjustable Back Rest