AGC San Diego Education & Safety Catalog July - December 2018 July - December 2018 Catalog 5.21.18 - Page 28

Software Training MICROSOFT EXCEL ® 2013, BEGINNER Recommended for anyone who hasn’t worked with formulas or charts before, or those with little to no experience with Excel. It’s also a great refresher course for those who haven’t used Excel in a while. Learn how to navigate the Excel user interface (Tabs, Ribbons, & Quick Access Toolbar). Learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up various tasks. Create, open, close, save, preview, and print a spreadsheet. Use AutoSum to add numbers. Understand cell references in formulas, and how to perform basic calculations. Use formulas to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, calculate percentages. Learn how to AutoFill (copy) formulas. Much of the class will be devoted to creating formulas. DATE JULY 2, 2018 AUGUST 1, 2018 SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 OCTOBER 4, 2018 NOVEMBER 6, 2018 DECEMBER 4, 2018 TIME 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM MEMBER $215 $215 $215 $215 $215 $215 JUP $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 NON MEMBER INSTRUCTOR  $315 FRANK PIPERATO $315 FRANK PIPERATO $315 FRANK PIPERATO $315 FRANK PIPERATO $315 FRANK PIPERATO $315 FRANK PIPERATO MICROSOFT EXCEL ® 2013, INTERMEDIATE Create more complex formulas using Absolute Cell References (address that won’t change when you copy the formula), and the Order of Operations. Combine data from different sheets located within the same workbook (file). Link data from different workbooks (files). Use Validation to improve speed and accuracy of data entry, set limits on what can be entered, add drop-down lists and pop- up explanation boxes. Use Pivot Tables and Pivot C ́Ѽ锁ɝɕ̸͡U͔ ѥɵѥѼɥѥ)фхЁ䁍ѡɅمՕ̀ѥٔյ́ɸɕȁɽչ̀ɽչ)ݥѠЁյ́ɸɕ)Q$$$))U1d$$)UUMPа$)MAQ5 HȰ$)= Q= Hذ$)9=Y5 Hа$) 5 H䰀$)Q%5$$$(4A4$(4A4$(4A4$(4A4$(4A4$(4A4$)55 H($($($($($($))U@$($$($$($$($$($$($$)9=855 H$$)%9MQIU Q=H$ ($$%I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<)5% I=M=Pa 0 ̰Y9 )Q͔́х͕́́Ѽٕݱͥѽ́مፕՍ́չѥ̰Ցѥ) ̸]ɭݥѠ̰ݽɭݥѠɽ͕́ȵչѥ̰ͥͥͥ́ѽ̰ͥمͥ́ѽ̰)ͥͥ́ͥ́ѽ܁ɕ́ፕ́ѥɕ́)Q$$$))U1dఀ$$)UUMP䰀$)MAQ5 Hܰ$)= Q= H$)9=Y5 H䰀$) 5 H$)Q%5$$$(4(4(4(4(4(4(A4$(A4$(A4$(A4$(A4$(A4$)55 H($($($($($($))U@$($$($$($$($$($$($$)9=855 H$$)%9MQIU Q=H$ ($$%I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<($$$)I9,A%AIQ<)AIIEU%M%Q%ɽՍѥѼ]́ȁɅɥ5ЁɽЁݥѠ͔剽ɐ) =UIM9=QLMՑ́ݥ̸͔ٕ́ͥ1ѽѕ́ͽ݅ɔɽ٥) ɕЁչɔЁɽ٥)1= Q%=81I9M=PQ !9=1=dQI%9%9 9QHQɕÁ եᕍѥٔɥٔMեєM ()Iѕȁȁ͕́Ё͐ɜ