AGC San Diego Education & Safety Catalog July - December 2018 July - December 2018 Catalog 5.21.18 - Page 18

Industry Related BLUEPRINT READING FOR CONSTRUCTION, 2-DAY COURSE CIVIL & ARCHITECTURAL, STRUCTURAL & ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING & MECHANICAL Everyone in the construction industry feels more accomplished when they can read and understand construction drawings. This quick-start approach exposes participants to the fundamental nomenclature of construction drawings and specifications and works systematically through the various disciplines. This course uses both hard copy and on-screen plans to fully demonstrate the techniques being taught. Learn to properly read construction drawings, increase and speed up your comprehension, increase your plan reading profi- ciency and accuracy. Learn how to navigate commercial plans and specifications, Know how to read various plan and detail notes, understand the various views, Understand what material schedules are and how to use them, perform basic plan takeoff activities, know the basic relationship between plans and specs. This is effective training for all new hires as well as seasoned professionals. DATE AUGUST 2 & 9, 2018 TIME 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MEMBER $425 JUP $0 NON MEMBER $525 INSTRUCTOR PAUL STOUT CONFLICT AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND PROBLEM SOLVING KEYS TO BECOMING A BETTER PROBLEM SOLVER Construction projects force team members to face one conflict after another from start to finish. Knowing and understanding one’s own conflict resolution style and how to blend it with other styles is the starting line for this session. Using hands-on exercises, participants will engage in various conflict scenarios, consider possible outcomes and learn to align their own resolution styles for best results . . . even when dealing with complex situations or difficult people. Upon completion participants will: know how to engage and interact with people of opposite thought and personality, be able to work through even complex issues toward resolution with more confidence, see the relationship of the contract to effective dispute resolution. DATE NOVEMBER 14, 2018 TIME 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MEMBER $225 JUP $0 NON MEMBER $325 INSTRUCTOR PAUL STOUT CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION Construction projects revolve around contracts. Caring for the requirements of your own contract between you and your customer or administering the requirements of contracts with your subs and suppliers can be a monumental task. This one-day overview of the contracting life cycle and critical associated tasks will help you learn how to identify essential requirements, set up eff X]B\[\[X[YH][[KHYX][ۜ[[[] ]\H[\ܝ[\\ۜY\Y UBBBBTSPT K NBSQBBBB SH H  BBQSPT BBTB BBӈQSPTBB ̍BBBBSPԂBUSUӔPSӈԔTӑSHSTSTԒUS USSTՑQ BB[\[[HH[وۜX[ۈܜ\ۙ[H\[^\[\H܈H]ۜX[ۈ܈BY[[YH[ˈHX[]Hܚ]H[[YX]H[H]\\X ٙ\[ۘ[ \Z[]H[[\[XBXYY\][وYXY[H[]\ܝ[]KHۜX[ۈ[\H\\HXYX\]Z\[Y[܈ڙX[][ۈ[[][X][ۜ]\]Z\H\H\YYܝˈ\ۋXXY[ZX[ Y^K[[ۈܚ[ZYB\X\[YH\XYX\وܜ\ۙ[H\Y[HۜX[ۈ[\K]\X\]\][HB\X[\وܘ[[X\[\HXYX[][ۈ\]Z\[Y[ˈ\X\[[[YH[[\ݚ[Z\\Z[[ۂ[ܚ][Y[\XY^\\\\YۙY[[ۜ]HHH[H܈XXYXHقܜ\ۙ[HZ[ۜY\Y UBBBBPSPT L NBNSQBBBB SH H  BBQSPT BBTB BBӈQSPTBB ̍BBBBY\\܈\\ۛ[H]Y ܙ’SPԂBBUSU