AGC San Diego Construction Education & Safety Training Catalog 2015 July-December 2015 - Page 5

AGC San Diego Education & Safety Training Catalog July - December 2015 JOURNEYMAN UPGRADE PROGRAM ABOUT THE AGC JOURNEYMAN UPGRADE PROGRAM In 2014, the AGC introduced a new journeymen education program. The program commenced on July 1, 2014, allowing journeymen from AGC Apprenticeship member contractors to access an extensive variety of training and education courses available through the AGC. Journeymen are encouraged to enroll in these classes to increase their education, increase their value to the contractor, and further their careers in the construction industry. ELIGIBILITY In each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), any journeyman working for an AGC Apprenticeship member contractor will be eligible to take classes based on the following criteria: • • • Journeymen must have worked a minimum of 150 hours during the fiscal year (as indicated on Polycomp records) in order to be eligible to take classes. Once journeymen have met that 150-hour threshold, they are eligible to utilize $2500 during that fiscal year towards tuition costs for education classes offered by the AGC. No portion of the $2500 in tuition costs can be applied to other institutions, such as community colleges, universities or trade schools. AVAILABLE CLASSES Once eligible, journeymen are able to take any course contained in this catalog at any AGC training center (San Diego, Orange County or Riverside), with the exception of the 26-week Construction Project Management course as it falls outside the tuition allowance. COST OF CLASSES There is no cost to the journeyman or contractor to take these courses, other than hourly training contributions which are already submitted to the AGC on a monthly basis. There will be no billing in order to take the class and utilize the tuition benefit of $2,500 per fiscal year. Each journeyman’s annual tuition balance will be monitored and can be obtained by contacting the AGC Apprenticeship office at (858) 558-0739. REGISTRATION ALL CLASS REGISTRANTS MUST PRE-REGISTER, NO WALK-INS ALLOWED. Registration must be completed at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class or attendance will not be allowed. When completing your online registration, enter your company name and click the “AGC Journeyman Upgrade Program Must be Qualified option,” then click on INVOICE under Payment Options. The cost of the class will be automatically deducted from the journeyman’s $2,500 yearly tuition allowance. CANCELLATION POLICY AGC has a 72-hour cancellation policy for all courses. If a journeyman fails to contact the AGC prior to the 72-hour cancellation period, the full cost of the class will be deducted from the journeyman’s annual tuition amount even if they did not attend the class. If fewer than five people register for a class, it will be cancelled. If cancellation of a class is required, each person will be notified by phone and email 72 hours prior to the start time of the class. The Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter, Inc. Building Your Quality of Life 3