AGC San Diego Construction Education & Safety Training Catalog 2015 July-December 2015 - Page 48

WWW.AGCFALLPROTECTIONCAMPUS.COM To maintain a safe and productive work environment, it is essential that employees working at heights are properly trained to: • Recognize fall hazards • Evaluate the risk posed by each hazard • Control the hazard through preventive or protective measures FALL PROTECTION AWARENESS TRAINING COURSE LENGTH: 4-HOURS This four-hour awareness course is designed for individuals with frequent (daily or weekly) exposure to fall hazards. Participants gain knowledge and skills necessary to identify and avoid hazards associated with elevated work locations. The course features a series of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The program provides information on hazard recognition, evaluation and control, fall prevention vs. fall protection, basic principles of fall forces with live demonstrations, and an overview of personal fall arrest systems. Date: August 7 December 4 Time: 7:30 am - 11:30 am Instructor: Chris Hooper - Honeywell Industrial Safety AGC Member: $225 AGC Journeyman: $0 Non Member: $275 FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT INSPECTION TRAINING COURSE LENGTH: 4-HOURS The eight-hour Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course (formerly Competent Inspection) is a course designed for a tool crib worker who needs to inspect the equipment prior to issuing to the users, but does not have the level of responsibility the competent person does. The training provides experience, methodology, and an in-depth look at all standards (ANSI & CSA) and regulations (OSHA) covering inspection of personal fall arrest systems. – Or – Newly trained “competent person” who is responsible for the annual inspecting of personal fall arrest systems. The newly trained competent person may need additional hands-on inspection experience to broaden their inspection knowledge. Date: July 24 September 4 December 11 AGC Member: $525 AGC Journeyman: $0 Non Member: $575 Time: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Instructor: John Eckel and Chris Hooper - Honeywell Industrial Safety 46 Register for classes online at