AGC San Diego Construction Education & Safety Training Catalog 2015 July-December 2015 - Page 34

CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE Duration: 6 Hours Prerequisite: Introduction to Windows or comparable experience. Must be proficient with the mouse and keyboard. Course handout will cover version 2013; students will use version 2013 in class. MICROSOFT WORD BEGINNING-INTERMEDIATE Learn keyboard shortcuts to move around in a document and select (highlight) text with mouse or keyboard. Add bullets and numbers, change margins, justification, and line spacing. Add borders and shading, page numbers, special symbols and characters, clip art and pictures, dropped capitals, etc. Cut and paste, copy and paste, drag and drop text. Run spell checker, grammar checker, and Thesaurus. Add new words to AutoCorrect dictionary. Use AutoText and AutoComplete to save time with repetitive data entry, insert automatically updating Date field. Use the drawing toolbar to add graphic elements to your documents. Insert page breaks, section breaks, and column breaks in your documents. Use breaks in complex documents to control text placement and separate different types of formatting. Create documents with multiple columns. Use the ruler to set indents and tab stops. Add headers and footers that appear on every page of your document. Add footnotes and endnotes to a document. Add bookmarks, and hyperlinks to a Word document. Create and insert different types of objects including diagrams and charts from tables, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Protect your document so no changes - or only certain types of changes - may be made. Create H