AGC San Diego Construction Education & Safety Training Catalog 2015 July-December 2015 - Page 28

CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION 16 SEPT TIME MANAGEMENT OPTIMIZE YOUR CALENDAR - EARN BACK YOUR LIFE ONE-DAY SEMINAR OBJECTIVE: By the end of the class, you will no longer have the experience of too much to do and being overwhelmed, and no longer have the “one-more-thing-I-need-to-do-before-I-leave” syndrome. RESULTS: • Focus 100% on the work you are doing now • Manage everything there is for you to do, not just emergencies or what shows up in your face, but short and long term goals also • Automate repetitive things • Complete fully what you do so that it does not turn back • Balance your business and private life DEFINING GOALS • Define time management • Describe your dreams • Identify regrets • Articulate goals ANALYZING ENERGY ALLOCATION • Identify how energy is spent • Analyze tasks • Analyze time usage • An [^