AGC San Diego Construction Education & Safety Training Catalog 2015 July-December 2015 - Page 20

CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION 6 AUG CROSS TRAINING FOR GREATNESS The construction industry often requires people to ‘wear many hats,’ ‘carry many titles’...‘perform many jobs.’ While this comes naturally to some, many more are easily confused when asked to step over imaginary lines. “Cross Training for Greatness” explores six essentials of greatness as they apply to construction environments and equips people from across the construction spectrum with the necessary tools to help align them for greatness. • • • • • • Motivation – aligning attitudes Cooperation – aligning actions Collaboration – aligning thoughts Integration – aligning goals Corroboration – aligning voices Facilitation – aligning energies Using this approach, the six essentials serve to cross-train everyone in an organization. Thought and processes no longer happen in a vacuum. Everyone is aware and engaged. Interfacing people, departments and entities all experience mutual benefit. Learning Objectives / Outcomes: • Know six areas where alignment brings about greatness • Be able to identify specific ways in which they interface with people, thought, and processes and how appropriate alignment is necessary • Know how important it is to learn from those around them • Be more willing to engage in teaching others • Be energized to move from understanding the theory to practicing the concepts learned Note: This program is also adapted for Journeymen and is offered as “Construction Journeyman Cross Training.” Refer to page 39