AGC San Diego Chapter Annual Report 2015 - Page 13

ANNUAL MEMBER AWARDS Each year, during the AGC Annual Installation Dinner, awards are presented to the membership by the Affiliate Members’ Council, the Specialty Contractors’ Council, the Safety Committee, and the Technology Trends in Construction Committee. The 2015 awards were presented at the 2016 Installation Dinner, which was held in January, 2016. AFFILIATE MEMBERS’ COUNCIL AWARDS Awards were presented to firms and individuals based upon participation in the AGC. Congratulations to the award winners: Affiliate Firm of the Year Ken Grody Ford Rookie of the Year Ryan Stern of East West Bank Affiliate Individual of the Year Randy Finch of Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP Excellence in Marketing Award Acme Safety & Supply Corp. Good Business Award Bergelectric Corporation SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS’ COUNCIL AWARDS Construction Industry awards were presented to firms that have served the AGC, the industry, and the community in an exemplary fashion. Congratulations to the award winners: Excellence Award - Company Casper Company Leadership Award - Individual Jeff Harper of Harper Construction Co., Inc. Professional Award - Individual Mark Rowan of Rowan Electric EXCELLENCE IN TECHNOLOGY AWARD The award is presented to the firm that is best utilizing the technological advances available to the construction industry. Congratulations to the award winner: Excellence in Technology Award Bergelectric Corporation CONSTRUCTION SAFETY EXCELLENCE AWARDS Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) are presented in a variety of divisions. The purpose of the award is to recognize those construction companies who excel at safety performance. The CSEA process closely examines each candidate’s commitment to safety, occupational health management, and risk control. Award winners are listed on the Safety Committee Page (26). AGC SAN DIEGO 13