AGC San Diego Chapter Annual Report 2015 - Page 11

LABOR RELATIONS COMMITTEE The Labor Relations Committee is responsible for members’ labor relations. This includes agreements for union members and general labor relations for open shop members. The committee is responsible for AGC participation on the various Taft Hartley Fringe Funds, and the various Joint Apprenticeship and training committees. CHAIRPERSON JOHN H. DALEY, JR. LABOR NEGOTIATIONS Agreements between the AGC and various crafts did not expire in 2015. The agreements that AGC negotiates for its signatory members are recognized as the Master Labor Agreements in San Diego County. The agreements are used to establish the State of California Prevailing Wage and the Federal Davis-Bacon rates for each craft. FRINGE BENEFITS TRUST AGC represented members on a number of Taft-Hartley joint labor management health, pension, apprenticeship, and other trusts that are part of the union collective bargaining agreements. In these challenging economic times, AGC works with the trustees to ensure proper