African Design Magazine November 2016 - Page 58

building with 90 percent local earth materials. In the region where the Tayebat Workers Village is located, sandstone is often removed in order to construct buildings, however, KarmBuild realised the sandstone could be utilised in the buildings instead of it going to waste. They found this “wealthy natural resource” is in fact “structurally viable,” according to Kafrawi. The use of the natural, local sandstone allows the buildings to blend in beautifully with the surround rFW6W'B66&FrFg&v&'VN( 2WFG2&VGV6Rv7FRB6&VGV6R&V7B67G26R7F6W2( FRvFV6GbFR7VrvFFRvFR76&RW6W2bf&PGW&'VFrFW&2FW6R&V2VWw&VB76&ƗFW2f"7G&r7W7F&PFWfVVB6WF2FR&VvRv&G'rF&fFR6WF2FB&VBFW6PGvfW'FffW&VBVVVG2֖G'W6fRBGG&7FfRW"FBv&2vFFP6&6FV7GW&RvWFW"G&FF"FW&FR&Vv( RFB&FB( vP&VƖWfRFW&R2w&VBFVFF6vRFR&6FV7GW&G66RFW6R&V2F&P&R6Vb7Vff6VB7W7F&RB6f'F&Rf"67WG2( РSg&6FW6vvR6Р