African Design Magazine November 2016 - Page 36

Landscaping SALI Awards Bushwillow); Indigofera frutescens (River Indigo); Milletia grandis (Umzimbeet), Peltophorum africanum (African Weeping Wattle) and Salix mucronata (Small-leaved Willow), amongst a number of others. In the wetland zone, there are appropriate shrubs, groundcovers, grasses, sedges, restios and bulbs...such as Gomphostigma virgatum (River Stars), Phygelius aequalis (Wild Fucshia or River Bells), Cyperus textilis (Tall Star Sedge), Elegia capensis (large restio, habitat: marshes, streambanks, seepage areas), Crinum bulbispermum (Vaal or Orange River Lily) Kniphofia spp and Zantedeschia aethiopica (Arum Lily). One of GREENinc’s directors, Andrew Kerrin, who is the project landscape architect at The Houghton commented that the ground floor gardens were structured, like rooms in the landscape, with a mix of hard and soft materials framing and softening the edges of the views. The aim was to achieve a common language but include variety. The residents on the ground floor units have right of use of the so-called ‘private’ gardens which are crafted to provide privacy and quiet but they form part of the bigger gardens. Lawns, gravel and sunken seating pits are bordered by a diverse range of grass-like species, bulbs and flowering shrubs that knit the individual spaces together. Built over five phases, the nature of these spaces changes to suit each specific unit. There is a good balance between hard and soft elements and materials with timber and natural stone bring warmth to these ‘rooms’. Any additional indigenous planting done by the owners is acceptable but subject to the approval of the landscape architects, as the Body Corporate wishes to retain the ethos of the landscaping. INOVAR DISCUSS THEIR INVOLVEMENT Inovar Floor Sandton was established in 1998 and today is one of the market leaders in wooden flooring and decking installations. “Our work at the Houghton Golf Estate started in 2011, which continues today as we complete the final few phases of the project,’ says Byron Conway. “We have worked hand in hand with the development from architectural design phase, through to drawings, specifications and installation.” “Our scope of works includes all Eva-last composite decking and solid wood Massaranduba decking, Meranti dividing sc reens, Pergolas, Engineered Oak wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles and laminate flooring installations,” says Conway. As a leading national installation company with sales and specialist installation teams across the country, they ensure quality, experience and know-how for all project requirements. “We work from project design phase to ensure the correct design, specification and installation is ensured to give you a complete start to finish company,” he says.