African Design Magazine November 2016 - Page 10

urban ma W When Inhouse Brand Architects was teen hang out, they didn hat can only be described as the ultimate “man cave”, Inhouse Fresnaye residence into an industrial-inspired dream pad for into account the youngster’s various interests such as skating create a trendy, multifunctional space. The project was steere Jenine Bruce, who chose a modern industrial aesthetic for th Polished concrete flooring encompasses the entire room and More notably, a fully functional concrete skate bowl plays a m structure was no easy feat. Initially, the bowl was supposed t however, after realizing that the structure would be too unsta framework, Inhouse had to come up with an alternative solution. 10 During a six-week process, a revised plan was implemented. An entire floor level was fins were crafted in the newfound space to create the frame; flexible plywood and pol incorporated to shape the backing; sand and rubble were used to fill the level that wa out; and finally, cement was poured into the structure to solidify the bowl shape.