African Design Magazine November 2015 - Page 78

Feature Flooring CONSTRUCTING THE FUTURE OF The future of concrete flooring solutions in South Africa is spiralling upwards at a rapid pace; innovatively driven by unprecedented growth in the African market with the need for bigger, faster, more efficient warehousing with flatter, more durable floors that require minimal maintenance. Great emphasis is put on quicker productivity rates in warehousing and the concrete flooring industry is constantly evolving to get ahead of the demands of engineering specifications to construct concrete floors that push the boundaries in order to provide sustainable flooring solutions. Ahead of the trends On a global scale, South Africa competes very well with the global flooring industry with many techniques uniquely developed to suit harsh conditions that are largely unknown in many other parts of the world. As a leading concrete flooring contractor, CLF constantly develops innovative concrete flooring solutions in order to stay ahead of the competition and to develop products that provide great value and a multitude of benefits to the end user. We have increasingly been working on providing seamless flooring solutions that are constructed to be flatter with fewer joints to allow for more efficient, productive warehousing operations and in doing so minimising long term maintenance and repair costs. Innovating the way forward Innovation is at the forefront of operations at CLF, and as such they have a couple of new products being launched in the upcoming year: Read more about CLF’s new products here Click here to watch a whiteboard video on the CLF Seamless Flooring solution 78