African Design Magazine November 2015 - Page 66

Feature Flooring THE OF FLOORS African Design Magazine spoke to Dr. Donald Platt, Managing Director of South African flooring solutions provider, FloorworX, about the future of flooring. Where do you see the world of flooring headed next year? Flooring has always been a very exciting (and integral) part of any building design, therefore it has to be continually evolving. Flooring is more than just an interior finish – it is in most cases the product which takes the most traffic and wear within a building. Read more How do South Africa and Africa fare in the global flooring industry? Do we create our own trends or follow overseas ones? To a great degree the South African flooring industry follow UK related trends and developments, but this does not impede our own creativity. As a proudly South African manufacturer, FloorworX is well aware of global trends but also translate these into the South African (and African) market in a way that relates to the continent’s own design aesthetic and culture. Click to watch a video on FloorworX products Read more Are you launching any new products over the next 12 months which will excite architects and interior designers? The flooring market is continually changing and progressing, which means that there will always be new products and colour ranges on the market which will change on a cyclic basis. Read more 66