African Design Magazine November 2015 - Page 64

Feature Flooring PIONEERS 67 YEARS D uring the month of October 2015 Van Dyck celebrated its 67th birthday. While many companies will take time to reflect on their past achievements and successes, Van Dyck believe that it is more important to focus on the future, knowing that it is vital to continue to build a company that will last another 67 years. The company has undergone a number of noteworthy changes over the past few years. The old Van Dyck Carpets logo represented tradition with its recognisable shade of blue and diamond shape. It represented a renowned brand, tried and tested over all these years. A new logo, however, was launched four years ago to reflect Van Dyck’s commitment to sustainability as well as a new strategic direction that it embarked on. The new logo is bright green and the font and shape are more modern in order to represent the energy and youthful spirit of the revitalised Van Dyck brand as well as the new wave of modernisation taking place in the organisation. The word ‘carpets’ was also dropped from the company’s name due to the fact that Van Dyck now offers a wide variety of flooring products over and above carpets. Read more here Van Dyck’s 2015 Roadshow making a buzz. Read all about it here 64 Click to watch a video on the recycling of tyres