African Design Magazine November 2015 - Page 19

African project MultiChoice City The central feature of the building is the curvilinear façade nicknamed the “bean”. It is easily distinguishable with a glazed brise soleil for sun control. The edge of the “bean” morphs the urban edge of the building drawing in pedestrians from the street. The indigenous gardens at the buildings entrance enhance the sense of arrival. In addition, the building has a multi‐storey atrium consisting of several pause areas for staff and visitors to sit, relax and interact. A coffee shop is located under the “bean” spills out into the atrium. Furthermore, Bridges overhead link the office spaces and meeting rooms on the upper levels of the building. A gym on the fourth storey is open to staff of the MultiChoice group which boasts an amazing view over Sandton and Johannesburg City. Having an EFTE roof spanning 22m across the multi‐storey atrium, MultiChoice City will hold the record for the largest ETFE roof design in Africa upon completion. This revolutionary roof design is a high tech three layer plastic system which creates large free form inflated panels. The outer layer has a high density print to improve the thermal performance of the roof while still allowing in light. From the inception of the project, focus was placed on the sustainability of the building. Features, like the double façade, were incorporated into the building to ensure it conforms to green design. As the building boasts a 5‐Star Design rating according to the Green Council of South Africa, MultiChoice City is being designed in accordance to receive a 4-Star Green Star office design v1 rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). This is not entirely new to MultiChoice as in the past few years there has been a drive to make things energy efficient and green where possible. MultiChoice City however will be the first building to be Green Star compliant and roll out a full green programme. GREEN CREDENTIALS MultiChoice City has further green elements which include; a grey water reticulation system, the heating and cooling systems and the processes by which natural light is The 35 000m² building already achieved a 5-star Design certification in December 2013 which demonstrates “South African Excellence”, and is currently registered for an As Built certification. Highlights include: • Grey water collection from the gym and re-use for toilet/urinal flushing • Efficient light fittings and motion sensors • The whole professional team and contractor has Green Star SA Accredited Professional status • Ice-storage to reduce the energy peak demand • Drought resistant plants minimising the need for irrigation • CO sensors in the basement minimise ventilation fan energy 19