African Design Magazine November 2015 - Page 12

ventilation to keep the building cool in the scorching summer months. Using this method we built one formal classroom and one more open pavilion which had lower, perforated brick walls which will be used as a covered outside teaching space. Windows frame the mountains from a number of viewpoints in the formal classroom, which features a sliding door offering some privacy away from the other learning spaces. The pitched roof channels rainfall into the large gutter and disposes of the water at the rear of the pavilions, essential for the torrential rainy periods. Cross-bracing was used to stabilise the structures and a structural bookcase was fixed in the formal classroom. This was just one of a number of furniture items we also made alongside multiple tables and chairs, which prior to this the school had not possessed. PROJECT TEAM In addition to the two classrooms, we also constructed an informal seating area and a central garden space using sand bags filled with earth and then rendered. These help to create an enclosed campus with the garden as the centre point. Another important element to the project was creating play equipment. At the moment the kids only have old tyres to play with. The students had a separate studio project to design play equipment and a number of these were made on site including a sand pit and tyres with bouncy bungee cords. AD 12 ARCHITECTS: Students from the University of Nottingham LOCATION: Limpopo, South Africa CLIENT: The Rabonami Ithekgeng Creche TUTORS: Alison Davies, John Ramsay, Richard Woods, Lois Woods, Chris Cook, Malcolm Dugdale, Steve Wickham, Gareth Woods, Ben Tynegate, Matt Cobb, Joe Hollis, Dominic Blake, Eve Mason STUDENTS: Alicia Hollis, Anna Helliar, Annette Sibthorp, Ashleigh Simpson, Avneesh Poonia, Ben Clarke, Charlotte Grasselli, Dan Paigge, Dayana Anastasova, Jemima AshtonHarris, Julia Radka, Kiran Shah, Matthew Drewitt, Matthew Marsden, Naimish Thanki, Olivia Redman, Sam Whitehead, Sammie Mooney, Sara Lohse, Sebastian Chambers, Steban Morales, Tom Rose, Wesley Stone