African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 9

African project Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Oshakati Open Market The Oshakati Town Council, with professional support from Kerry McNamara Architects (Architects and Principal Agents) and Lithon Project Consultants (Civil, Structural, mechanical and electrical engineers), recently completed the new Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Oshakati Open Market in the centre of the city of Oshakati in northern Namibia. This new open market creates a new home for the existing ‘Omatala Market’ on the Main Street in Oshakati, Namibia. T he development was phased and comprises several blocks that consist of two main functions, firstly a new formalised taxi and bus rank for domestic, national and international public transport departures and arrivals with car wash facilities and the open market. The open market consists of administration, large meeting areas, large craft spaces, seasonal market spaces, formal fresh food markets, formal cooked food markets, ‘kapana’ braai areas, formal retail spaces, service spaces, cold storage rooms and public spaces for all ages. The market caters for at least 400 informal traders. Oshakati – known to be among the most densely populated towns in Namibia – is reeling under pressure ex \