African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 79

Feature Photography 1 Discovery Facade This entrance threshold is one that I really enjoyed working with. The scale of it is something that becomes apparent when one considers the relationship between it and the car parked in front. The building’s lighting lends itself to showcasing the strong forms. for me, so I worked to show off that weight, which simultaneously shimmers from the texture of the punctured waves of external aluminium. how graphic it is while still showing the peculiar nature of this space. 7 Group Five Steps I aimed to make this image talk about this Discovery Entrance building as if it was a space Columns station on an alien planet. This was all about getting the Not sure how well that balance right showing the comes across to you? But I procession of the columns, think about that when I look the lit building behind them at it. Art Space Gallery and the shimmer of the pond, I managed to get into this all in a single view. Epping Road House Gate space in between exhibitions This spectacular gate when it was empty. The Hotel Columns, needed to be shown with the concept was to echo a 3D Kliptown sunlight shining through it rendering used to market the Quite an eerie, ominous – I couldn’t think of another gallery that also depicted it mood is what makes this way. as a pure white space. Shot shot so intriguing. The fiery in mid winter, the sunlight sky was quite spectacular on Wits Maths Blocks from streaming through was this particular evening and Underneath only available for a minute I was fortunate to have an A slight departure from what or 2 before dipping below opportunity to use it. I normally aim for – what the trees, so I had to work gets described typically as swiftly. Freedom Park Interior very crisp and clean images This photograph hasn’t – I enjoy this shot because it Audi Sandton Corner proven as popular as other explores an alternative view The gravity of this side shots I did of this complex, from a position that I needed of the building was striking but I’m always intrigued by to work quite hard to find. 2 4 5 8 9 3 6 and completed a 3 year National Diploma in Photography at Pretoria Technikon. He began his career as a pro photographer in 2002, shooting all types of commercial photography. However, his aptitude