African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 77

Feature Photography Tristan McLaren is a photographer, born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. And still here. Somehow he hasn’t quite managed to figure out a way to leave. For good reason though – it’s a happening place and he’s invested a lot of time in photographing it. Midrand Water Tower 1 Using the tilt movements available on the camera, framework was just incredible for me and I was fortunate to get this shot before the cladding was installed. I was able to capture a very graphic and abstract rendering of this dynamic structure. The choice of Circa Deck & Perimeter black & white seemed The form of this building obvious, due to the already is very sensual and I aimed monochromatic tones of this to get a sense of that concrete building. curvaceous design. I did try a colour option which fell Two Towers flat – the black & white tones I had to revisit this 3 are way more descriptive. times because I chose to shoot this image on Polaroid Audi Sandton Logo Type 55 film, making The dynamism of this it important to get the very commercially focused symmetry spot on in camera building is in how it speaks to align with the distinctive about the design of the film markings unique to cars so well by using an this film. Some tussles with incredible text \