African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 64

Feature Awards COMMUNITY UPLIFTMENT TROPHY WINNER: Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape/Shukuma Bricks From the Manufacturer: Shukuma Bricks: This particular job was awarded to Shukuma Bricks as part of the Triennial Premix Tender Works Packages. The aim of this particular package was a very necessary upgrading of the dismal roads in the Walmer Township. Simultaneously a stepping stone was provided for the local community members to learn valuable skills. From the community, CLO’s, security guards, general workers and artisans were selected to assist in the ward project. The EME’s hired to lay paving bricks, kerbs and channels showed a tremendous willingness to learn the important information made available to them. In total, 25 local community members were hired as part of these teams and provided a fine end product. The firm and practical new surface, made available by the Shukuma Bricks pavers, provided an aesthetically pleasing sparkle to the area. What was once a dusty gravel road, turned mud pit during rain, was transformed by the good people of the community into striking paved road they can be proud of. The 80mm Interlock Grey Pavers Class 40/2.6 used in this project were manufactured by Shukuma Bricks according to SANS 1058/2012 (Edition 2.1) specifications. The manufacturer prides itself in manufacturing products of excellent quality, consistency, durability and value, in a fully automated plant. The process: (1) Raw materials are gathered in collecting bins, sensors monitor quantity and HO levels; (2) The material are mixed in two mixers, the dry mix gets converted to a wet mix through a fully automated process; (3) Transfer cars move the separate wet mixes to the RE 1400, the province’s first fully automated static machine; (4) The production boards then gets stacked vertically; (5) The Finger Car (which can rotate 180 degrees) transports the boards from the Stacker to a specific curing chamber; (6) The “cured” products then travel from the curing chamber to the de-stacker via the Finger car; (7) The automatic grab stacks the products to a pre-determined height and gets wrapped. TROPHY WINNER Judges’ comments: The depth of involvement by the community beyond mere employment ensured that valuable skills filtered down. Click here to read more about the project 64