African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 49

International project The Bergeron Centre Flipping the classroom - No lecture halls. - Removed barriers between students and faculty. - Active Learning Classrooms facilitate spontaneous interactions. - Allowance for more flexibility and different types of learning using systems furniture and integrated technology. - Interactive environment that is not about regimented curriculum delivery but about group learning and problem solving. Hierarchy of space - Student spaces take priority over faculty and staff. - Labs are strategically placed throughout to maximize access to light and views. - Academic services and student clubs are strategically located at the main entrance. - Prominent panoramic views and social spaces are on the main level where students gather. Design Commons - The Design Commons, with its flexible large and small group work areas, appears more like a design studio than a student lounge. - One of the building’s finest pieces of real estate, it is constantly occupied by students and faculty. - Rich materials and wooden floors create a ‘workshop’ environment. Student lounges - Feature high-end furniture, finishes and nap rooms. - The Anarchist Club is a lounge where faculty may only enter if invited by students. 49