African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 27

African project Residence-Atelier-Foundation • The roof is made of three separate layers of ETFE wrapped inside and outside the structure, the spaces in between allows a constant flow of air circulation. This air cushion provides both insulation and strength. ETFE is eco-friendly (100% recyclable) and requires minimal energy for transportation and installation. 2 – Low cost construction and materials. • The eco-friendly adobe wall was built by local masons. In addition to being a low cost construction and material, earth is available nearby, requires no transportation and can easily be recycled. Expertise is available in the region both for construction, durability and maintenance. • The light roof metal structure is economical and can be executed by wrought iron local craftsmen. ETFE foil membrane rolls are inexpensive, unaffected by UV light, atmospheric pollution and other environmental weathering. • An adjustable, water-repellent, light linen curtain protects the adobe and the veranda. Inexpensive, light and beautiful, it lets air breathe through and dries easily. It can be pulled or be fixed to the floor easily by a clasp, when and where needed. Produced locally, it encourages linen craft and weaving mill. 27