African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 24

Located in a rural landscape and sheltered by olive trees, the ResidenceAtelier-Foundation in Marrakech, Morocco, faces the majestic white outline of the Atlas Mountains. It comprises an artists’ private residence, a pavilion for her three children and guest artists, and a studio to retreat and focus on her work. In addition, the complex can also host an art gallery and a foundation dedicated to encourage Moroccan women artists. HYBRID T This Hybrid Architecture brin 1 – Bioclimatic principles have multiple sun protection system • The veranda is conceived as layer of moucharabiah (decora outwards according to its vari • Adobe walls serve as a significant heat res winter), the high thermal mass of adobe me Click here to view the plans 24 he eco-friendly design and its developed and pioneered by P walls and with a high-tech ligh