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Editor’s view Crowd-funded architecture The rise of crowd-funding has been quite extraordinary. A form of alternative finance, which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system. The crowdfunding model is based on three principles: the project initiator who proposes the idea and/or project to be funded; individuals or groups who support the idea; and a moderating organization (the “platform”) that brings the parties together to launch the idea Architecture In Development (A.I.D.) which can be found here: was initiated to re-connect sustainable development to architecture by developing a user-generated knowledge platform. Gregg Cocking CREDITS Architecture In Development is a collective project that invites the world to research collaboratively the cultural, social, economic and various contexts behind the architecture projects. Your contributed knowledge, expertise and creativity will be the foundations to develop location-specific solutions which is what sustainable architecture development is about. Part information-sharing, part crowd-funding, A.I.D. is an open accessible architecture platform which we hope you will explore. Enjoy reading and sharing our latest issue of African Design Magazine! #AfricanDesign. Published by African Design Magazine (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 9802, Edenglen, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1613 Editorial Gregg Cocking Cell: +2782-870-6390 Email: gregg@africandesignmagazine. com Advertising Lesley Shapiro Cell: +2782-508-7338 Email: lesley@africandesignmagazine. com 2 Cover photograph: Norton Rose, Alice Lane by Tristan McLaren. While precautions have been taken to ensure the accuracy of its contents and information, neither the editor, publisher, or its agents can accept responsibility for damages or injury which may arise therefrom. All rights reserved. © African Design Magazine. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, photocopying, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright owners. OUR PARTNERS