African Design Magazine May 2016 - Page 10

AIR CONDITIONING African project Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Oshakati Open Market and integrating within the market and into the existing urban fabric of Oshakati. The project also consisted of a full civic upgrade of the area for the city of Oshakati, roads, storm water, public toilets and refuse removal. One of the main features of the N$90 million project is the 12 storey, 49m high observation Tower ‘Oshungo Ya Shakati’ in the centre of the main public square. This observation tower structure in the centre of the development attracts the most attention. The impressive tower structure is constructed from a reinforced concrete supporting structure with a staircase and mechanical lift structure as inner core. The structure soars high above the surrounding buildings and offers a 360-degree view of the beautiful town of Oshakati. This towering feature acts as an iconic beacon of identity for the market, town from afar and a place to meet at whilst creating a structure for all to access and observe the city of Oshakati from above. The close collaboration with the existing market operators the Oshakati Town Council and the supporting consultant team have created a modern iconic transport and Starke Manufacturing & Airconditioning CC, sole distributor of Daikin air conditioning equipment in the Namibian territory, was honoured to have been part of the Oshakati Open Market project in Oshakati. As a project so necessary for the northern Namibian community, Starke and Daikin are proud to be associated with the new Oshakati Open Market initiative and the total comfort solution offered. With a strong commitment to offering only the most efficient air conditioning equipment, Starke continuously strives to maintain and support all its products supplied into the Namibian market through sales and after sales support. With the supply and installation of the highly efficient Daikin inverter air conditioning equipment, the commitment to supporting the local Namibian community with offering the latest technology in energy saving equipment was of utmost importance. In resolvement of the air conditioning requirements for the Oshakati Open Market project, six of the Daikin “Roundflow Cassette” air conditioning units were installed in the offices for the managing agent of the complex. With a Seasonal Efficiency Energy Rating (SEER) of A++, the “Round-flow Cassette” units are highly efficient and optimized to create a year-round comfort solution. Products used: 4 x Daikin FCQG50F/RXS50K (Round-flow Cassette type air conditioning unit) 2 x Daikin FCQG71F/RZQSG71LV1 (Round-flow Cassette type air conditioning unit)