African Design Magazine July 2016 - Page 87

MA-KENYA Architect Profile AMA-Kenya n Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 2010, the firm undertakes full-scope services at design, great service, the firm provides innovative designs matched with AMA-Kenya’s favourite projects “It’s difficult to pick! All the projects we have completed or are working on at the moment are fairly important,” says Aleem Manji. “Each of them has a story to tell, and each of them has a unique identity.” Casilda: I would include this purely on the basis that it was the first project undertaken by AMA-Kenya. The development consists of four townhouses in the Kyuna suburb of Nairobi. The design language is modern with clean lines and huge swathes of glazing, with a beautiful double volume lounge and dining for all the houses. The project also gave us a chance to start exploring mixing materials externally: Timber cladding with natural stone cladding and textured plaster, something that we’ve refined over our later projects. Cascades: Located at the edge of the Westlands CBD, Cascades was the first Residential Apartment design undertaken by AMA-Kenya. The facade design of this development is one of our favourites. Featuring cascading ribbons wrapped around each balcony, each level slightly offset from the level below it, to create a cascading wave-like effect.