African Design Magazine July 2016 - Page 70

Landscaping SALI Awards Click images to enlarge Juncus effusus, locally indigenous to streams and swamps. All these plants with their roots and soil act as natural filters. Rainwater is harvested and borehole water is stored for use in the lodges and for watering the garden. The site is very steep and had an existing heavy clay soil content. A lot of soil retention had to be done with the use of gabion walls and terraces out of natural stone. Natural materials were used for construction of pathways, including authentic railway sleepers and decorative crusher stone. The garden is planted up, predominantly, with flora from the Cape Floral Kingdom (fynbos), as well as some exotics. Colourful species include, amongst many others, extensive use of Scabiosa incisa, with its prolific flowering of pale mauve flowers, which grows locally on the coastal sands and limestone of the south-western Cape. The fabulous Orphium frutescens (Sea Rose) with its dark pink satiny flowers, which is buzz pollinated by Carpenter Bees, along with a species of the same family which is also buzz pollinated by solitary bees, Chironia baccifera (Christmas berry) provide interesting displays. Both of these shrublets are indigenous to the coastal sands and pans of the south and south-western Cape. The latter produces bright red berries in summer, hence its common name. Other colourful species of fynbos are Watsonia fourcadei which has mostly flowers in the colour range from orange to red and sometimes in pink or purple; Polygala virgata, a single-stemmed willowy shrub with purple flowers which blooms for a large Click here to read more Judges’ comments The Cape regional judges, Cherise Viljoen and Louise Badenhorst (both horticulturists), commended the wonderful use of colour in the landscaping of the Spanish Farm Guest Lodge and added that it was nice to see some of the less seldom used locally indigenous plants used effectively. They said the success of the design considering all the constraints on site (such as defective waterproofing on the roof garden, remedial work to retaining structures on the steep slope and late completion by the builders) was commendable. 70