African Design Magazine July 2016 - Page 65

un city y Life Landscapes Landscaping SALI Awards Sun City, North West Province, South Africa Winner of the Rand Water Trophy for Best Water Wise Entry: Life Landscapes/Real Green joint venture T he gardens at Sun City were originally designed during the 1980s by internationally renowned landscape designer Patrick Watson who is still involved on a consulting basis at the resort. The winning contractors are responsible for the turf and landscape maintenance of the gardens surrounding the hotels, excluding the golf courses. Controlled Irrigation continues to serve as the irrigation consultant. The clients’ brief for the ongoing maintenance is ‘a wild manicured look at world class standards’. Heat can be a problem during the summer months and the use of water on site is restricted by the client, and has to be monitored on a daily basis because of the dry climate. Life Landscapes also looks after the birds and animals in the aviary and farmyard. Jonty Kirkby of Real Green assists with operational matters and his father Dave Kirkby, previously of TopTurf (now Bidvest), who has been involved since concept stage, continues to serve as a consultant to the client. Water conservation measures are strictly observed. Mulching to prevent water loss is done where there is bare soil throughout the site, with closely planted groundcovers and wood 65