African Design Magazine July 2016 - Page 23

African project Kente House – Ghana Upcycling was an important concept followed by the Kente House Building Workshop team. Steph Townsend, Interior Designer from USA, designed the interior spaces along with producing the upcycled kitchen furniture, which incorporates blue in its design following the traditional, local meaning of togetherness and love, provided by that colour. Alma and Steph also designed the bathroom and bedroom furniture reusing wooden pieces from the formwork. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Danish Architect Stine Kronsted along with Matthew Chantzidakis, designed and coordinated the upcycled playground for Kente House. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Rammed Earth Walls Several rammed earth tests were carried out by architects Eve Williams and Sam Clagett, from England and USA respectively. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO These tests enabled them to accomplish the final mix of 1, 19, 1 [sand, laterite and cement]. The tests included, among others, chamfer strips, expansion joints, erosion lines, palm tree oil, different proportions of aggregates for stabilisation, different water content, plastic for surface finish and pigment. Chamfer strips, expansion joints and mortar stripes were successfully incorporated in Kente House. Additionally, the architects coordinated a great part of the building process on site, along with designing a formwork system, which reduces the amount of metallic rebars used, decreasing production cost. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Water Recycling Peter O’Brien, Architect from Ireland, designed and constructed, among others, a drinking water collector, following the concept behind Warka Water. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO An interwoven bamboo tower collects drinking water extracted from the atmospheric water vapour, following the concerns of water scarcity in Ghana, particularly in Abetenim, along with other African countries.