African Design Magazine July 2016 - Page 18

African project Anura Vineyards – South Africa wine farm’s heritage. Representing a cooper’s yard, dozens of refurbished barrels hang from the ceiling and pay tribute to this unique craft. To reinforce the concept, wooden panels imitating deconstructed wine barrels were used to clad the bar, while metal hoop lights were suspended overhead. A solid piece of Oregon pine forms the bar counter, accompanied by bar stools fashioned from steel and wood. Wood is unquestionably the central element of the design – casing practically everything in the room. Rusted metal sheets cover the back of the bar, adding to the rustic feel. In addition to this, old piping was re-purposed as leg stands for the high tables that occupy the space. A notable design feature includes black, high-gloss porcelain tiling which has been laid alongside porcelain wooden tiles in a herringbone pattern. By mixing these opposing materials, Inhouse was able to produce an uber-chic yet relaxed environment. Anura Vineyard’s new events venue showcases how an upmarket, contemporary aesthetic can still remain true to wine farm culture and traditions. 18 Inhouse is a leading and comprehensive South African agency specializing in turnkey solutions for all sectors of design, with specialized expertise in interior design and brand architecture. With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London, Inhouse concentrates on innovative and appropriate ideas in response to the diverse needs of its clients.