African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 77

Architect profile NINA MARITZ on our heads. My friend went on to study drama, and I – architecture. (A second career choice was landscape architecture, aspects of which I now incorporate in my work). How did you end up in Namibia and what made you decide to establish your practice there? My father is 4th generation Namibian and we visited my grandparents here in school holidays. In 1985, my parents decided to move back to Namibia and I came with the luggage, as a result of getting a Namibian Government bursary to study from my second year onward. This was a few years before Independence, and after Independence in 1990, at the end of 1992, I returned to fulfill my bursary obligations by working for Government. I wasn’t suited to the civil service environment, however, and left to work for a private firm after 10 months, paying back the bursary instead. As I am not the cocktail-circuit kind of person, I found that the more informal and open nature of Namibian society suited me better. Here you are not judged so much