African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 64

“ These images juxtapose sites of privileged and much coveted realestate throughout Lagos, Nigeria with colossal vertical settlements representing marginalized and impoverished communities,” explains Jeyifous. It’s a conversation about how slums are frequently viewed as unsightly eyesores to be bulldozed, leaving their inhabitants completely displaced. This is a standard practice that occurs from places like the west side of Chicago to Rio de Janiero, and throughout the world. “So in this instance the dispossessed are given prominence and visibility albeit through a somewhat Dystopian vision that speaks to the fact that these communities often suffer from a lack of appropriate sanitation, electricity, medical services, and modern communications,” he says. These images were shown at the 2015 Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism as part of the Maker Maker exhibit. AD 64