African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 60

0 The building is formed out of white and sculptural elements whose manifold functions appear to be visibly stacked. With its variation between hollowed volumes and cantilevers, the relief-like details, which can be viewed from all angles, provide a visual attraction. The tower comprises 14 stories on an area of 8 700 square metres and rests on a concrete pedestal. This part of the building consists of metal cladding, whereabouts the façade of the tower is emphasized by its generously glazed surface. The transition between the public and the private area is rather smooth, including a public café at the Spreepromenade. Children’s playgrounds are located on the roof of the 1st floor as well as on the terrace along the boardwalk. The two-story shaped entrance hall is also used as a gallery. The project by the nps tchoban voss team led by Sergei Tchoban, contains 56 spacious apartments of various sizes and four commercial units. The rotationally symmetric arrangement allows each apartment to have its own private outdoor area with a view of a minimum of two directions. Based on the reinforced concrete skeleton construction, the floor plans are designed variably (54 and 434 square metres) which allow the occupants to change the layout of their apartment to their own preference. A significant part of the living conditions are the lavishing balconies and terraces. The greened terraces are designed in the tradition of a vertical garden, beginning at the waterside and partially continuing along the tower. The arrangement of the basement includes domestic service facilities, garbage, bicycle storage room and a warehouse. The development of the structure takes place through a double lift facility – one of them is functioning as a firefighters lift. AD