African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 59

International project Living Levels TAKING LIVING TO A NEW Living Levels is a 14-story high-rise building designed by nps tchoban voss in Berlin, Germany, a totally new dimension of life and living: it is without compromise, confident and unique. T he area along the river Spree has from the historical point of view not much in common with the open and classic promenades one sees in Paris or Rome. Photography: Roland Halbe Although in the heart of Berlin, this shore area belonged to the least desirable parts of the city. In this, what used to be mainly occupied commercial area filled with storage rooms and management properties, one of the darkest chapters of history took place: The destruction of the so called degenerate art during National Socialism. Not until a few years ago did this not accessible, neglected, during DDR regime death strip area begin to turn into a lively spot in town, not only for Berliners, but also visitors from all over the world. This multi-storey apartment building became a part of recently immersed extension along the river bank. Due to its location on the bridgehead of the Second World War destroyed Brommy-bridge, the white solitaire is directly on the water overlooking the Spree promenade. 0 1 59 Eas 5