African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 57

International project The Couch the wooden deck, while all the windows were cleaned and repainted. Each of them was meticulously laid out and used for the building’s front screen. The window façade protects the inhabitants from street noise, direct sunlight, and also creates a certain degree of privacy. Famous for its vibrant atmosphere, INDEO introduced every-day Bangkok street elements for the interior design, such as the traffic light, traffic cone and the wood palettes. It is meant to blur the boundary between the indoor and outdoor experience. To give a sense of Thai culture, colourful traditional sarongs are used for the roof fabric and other furniture upholstery. ROJECT TEAM The design of this hostel does not only offer a budget overnight stay, but also the need to represent Bangkok’s chaotic, yet vibrant atmosphere. The heterogeneous built environment is enhanced throughout the hostel space from the main entrance through to the roof terrace. AD ARCHITECTS: Integrated Design Office, Bangkok, Thailand DESIGN TEAM: Boonchai Tienwang, Nitipoom Dejwongya, Supachai Chuchaicharoen, Nattaya boonpok, Narattapon Supaokij, Namfon Hawan AREA: 350m2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Boonchai Tienwang, Sitthisak Namkham