African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 40

to accommodate different needs for different occasions. If required, the space can be closed for more intimacy, as this room is sometimes used for meetings of the council and community. The central open space is used as the main dining area of the café. Wooden shelves displaying antique items and books are used as modular partitions to define and divide the area, creating a dynamic space that can be rearranged according to the specific use of the space. The bricks from the original Tabun oven (a clay stove used for baking bread and pitta), were reused for the window thresholds and at the bar structure. Behind the bar is a two-way metal cabinet with open shelves facing the restaurant space, designed to be modular to enable various ways of displaying different items. The kitchen was designed with careful planning and efficiency, at its heart, and thus includes utility doorways, a separate entrance, and parking for trucks and suppliers. Next to the kitchen, located at the northern part of the building, are the office and the restrooms, allowing easy access from the dining area and the yard. A large window facing north towards the courtyard consists of five separate doors, each rotating and connected on a central axis. This unique design allows natural indirect light to pass through. A display of metal laser-cut elements, shaped from historic photos, are displayed over the window. The pergola, located at the northern part of the building, offers shade over the outdoor dining area. Over the courtyard, the pergola, supported by posts, was designed with a slight bend at the top to resemble a flower. Several trails from different directions lead to the building, accompanied by flower beds and vegetation. The idea and design behind Kofinas is about sharing respect and appreciation of the town’s history and founders, and when visiting Kofinas, guests absorb the history behind the establishment of Tzur Moshe. It is a cultural and communal meeting place which collaborates with, and for, the community. 0 40