African Design Magazine February 2016 - Page 39

International project Kofinas PRESERVED For many years, the Documentation Committee of Tzur Moshe, Israel, sought to create an honorable exhibit of its history. It was an old, abandoned building that sparked the idea. A group of local entrepreneurs had a special feeling about this specific building; they were born and raised in Tzur Moshe, and believed it had a great potential. T he Documentation Committee and the entrepreneurs group decided to cooperate and use the professional help of Ron Shenkin’s Studio for the design and architecture of the building. Together they specified and delineated guidelines to present both history and the present in a harmonized way. The idea was a café, alongside a museum and a documentation centre. After studying the building’s original 1940’s plans and its history as a bakery, it was decided to preserve and restore the original building, removing the new structural additions which had been added over the years. The structure A welcoming room at the entrance displays different historical items, images and videos from Tzur Moshe’s settlement period, and more current community information. In addition, it was decided to provide computer stations for the use of the public for browsing memorable documents and images. BEFORE All chairs and tables used at this space were designed so that they could be rearranged 39