African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 92

FBW GROUP’S FAVOURITE PROJECTS 92 1 British High Commission, Kampala, Uganda: Built using unique bespoke terracotta elements for such things as window surrounds and louvers, this building responds to its context by being as built from ‘the ground of Uganda’. Designed to respond well to the climate and make minimal impact on the environment – amazing response to the use of local materials. 2 Motorcare, Kampala, Uganda: First bespoke car showroom to be built in Kampala for over 20 years, it’s unique sloping floor presents a dynamic display area for vehicles, the corresponding sloping glazing prevents reflection and glare obscuring the view into the showroom and the double void overlapping roof design provides efficient natural cooling. 3 Kampala International School Uganda (KISU), Kampala, Uganda: Conceived as a modern version of a classic ‘redbrick’ school, the formal layout of the masterplan is broken down with playful and organic landscape forms that allow informal spaces for pupils to enjoy their environment. 4 University of Rwanda (former KIST) Library, Kigali, Rwanda: A light and ai ry but well shaded adaptable and flexible learning space. A simple rendered concrete construction, is then enhanced with locally available stone walls and bamboo screening. 5 MICT UN, Arusha, Tanzania: Three separate buildings formally arranged around a central courtyard space, sat atop a hill with views of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. Expansive use of shaded glazing allow the occupants to totally enjoy the views whilst preventing solar gain. Locally available stone is used in various ways as cladding to the buildings, thus ‘grounding’ it to its environment.