African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 76

Feature Roofing THE FUTURE IS GREEN Melvin Hickers, Product Manager, Colour & Galvanised Steel products, ArcelorMittal South Africa, answers African Design Magazine’s questions on the state of roofing in South Africa. Are designers embracing sustainable architecture, or is price the driving factor? With the move to making the environment that we live in more habitable, sustainability considerations by both designers and architects has been a leading force in embracing the change toward due consideration for the environment. Various aspects of green building and the recent developments made in the green building space pay homage to this. What we see is a move from traditional design thinking, progressing to a greater consideration for the environment through the choice of materials and the impact that these materials have on the environment. Price seems to be more of a secondary consideration when sustainability is a factor; here the balance needs to found between price and value. With a greater choice of design materials becoming available so too does the value outlook increase. No longer does a decision need to be made on a price level but on the value that design and material presents. Value speaks volumes if Green Building as it is intended is embraced. Here a value dividend can be derived from the application of natural resources with minimal environmental impact naturally lending itself toward sustainability. Click to read more 76