African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 62

Click images to enlarge building materials had to be lightweight to reduce horizontal momentum caused by the weight of the building during an earthquake. Their design principle was not to create only typical classrooms but learning spaces to enliven the atmosphere for children who were victims of the disaster. For the layout, the architects had proposed to combine three classrooms into one building to minimize the land use. Each classroom is punctuated by small foyers which will be used for placing student shoes and to help reduce the noise between classrooms. The land slope has been utilized with the architecture to create an extra semi-outdoor multifunctional space under the building. The natural materials had been proposed in selected areas to illustrate how local materials can substitute expensive modern materials and at the same time, harmonize the architecture with its context. ROJECT TEAM Click to read more ARCHITECTS: Vin Varavarn Architects PROJECT INITIATIVE ORGANIZER: Design for Disaster (D4D) ENGINEERS: Next Innovation Engineering Co,.Ltd PHOTOGRAPHER: Spaceshift Studio