African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 48

conversation, have a cup of tea and read books or play music. It also allows movement for people sitting at their workstations to loosen up and discuss ideas freely. This project helps the architects express the style and type of work which they are focused on. The space acts as a profile for the architects when any new client walks in. When they talk about abstract and fluid architecture, they believe it is just starting to catch people’s interest in India. But a normal person does not have enough information about it or he/she is not able to perceive the space which the architects are talking about. But with an office which shows fluid architecture and a range of materials with the extent to which it can be tested and used, it becomes quite easy to show and make them understand the concepts. With a gallery-like area in the front, they are able to showcase a few recent projects, which again gives them an understanding of the kind of work that they do and specialise in. With proper time given in developing the zoning and showing subtly the transition of space, a person entering the office is able to understand the spaces in one go and is able to easily move through it. Engulfed in grey textured walls, yellow tag boards, white oak wood finishes, changing ceiling forms, and fluid furniture, the young architects are discovering that they can have ‘fun’ while they are pursuing their passion to reinvent architecture. AD 48