African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 33

International project Andarzgoo A residential building in Tehran, Iran, was cleverly designed to cope with the harsh elements while not disrupting the urban context. T he Andarzgoo Residential Building was built in five units, each one with three bedrooms, on land with an area of 215m2. The ground floor includes a parking area, yard and the entrance, while storage rooms, a mechanical room and a gym were placed in the basement. Having provided openings to the the volume on its north to shape the patio and provide daylight for the northern part of the project, the architects, Ayeneh Office, placed the private functional area of the project on the north, whereas the public functional area was set on the south towards the main façade to invite sunlight to the inside of the building. Between these two areas, at the centre of the building, they set up the vertical circulation area. PROJECT TEAM For the interior spaces and the façade, their strategy was primarily focused on simplicity and avoidance of complex presentation. The building is located in a narrow alley, in which the adjacent buildings have been chaotically constructed in terms of materials and height. According to the municipal regulations, the architects were not allowed to use a console in this alley. While not disrupting the urban context, their concern for designing the façade was to create a surface that br ings high-quality interior spaces. ARCHITECTS: Ayeneh Office ARCHITECT IN CHARGE: Ali Dehghani, Ali Soltani & Atefeh Karbasi LOCATION: Tehran, Iran BUILT AREA: 1136m2 PHOTOGRAPHER: Farshid Nasrabadi 33