African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 15

African project Saatchi & Saatchi Instead, the levels above are now visible and this creates a greater flow within the environment. Reinforcing this, brickwork and industrial fittings are left exposed. These features date from the original use of the building as a factory and add a utilitarian feel to the space that speaks of functionality. This sense extends into the main reception area through the use of streamlined finishes and furniture. The simple steel and wooden planters that greet visitors upon entering, also provide private conversational space while simultaneously acting as a display unit for the numerous awards the agency has won. A large meeting room that runs alongside has folding glass doors that can be opened so as to enlarge the holding capacity of the room and seating benches and tables are easily rearranged. In addition, lounge furniture is dotted around the ground floor space. The need for spaces that are adaptable and suited to a variety of different purposes is an ever-increasing necessity for the present-day workplace. Saatchi & Saatchi’s refurbishment reflects this through the creation of spaces and custom furnishings that are designed to be multi-functional. Now, the offices function in a way that incorporates different work styles, while provides an open and vibrant entrance area that transmits company values and brand identity. Multi-functionality truly at its finest! AD 15