African Design Magazine December 2015 - Page 12

concept from the start. Bright and bold colours contrast with the more sedate; irregular lines immediately lend an air of unconventionality to the space; and playful pop culture references abound. The ground floor reception area was the focus of the project, needing to instantly signal a contemporary corporate culture that welcomes dialogue and collaboration. The collaborative spirit that underlines the Saatchi & Saatchi brand is consistently referenced through the use of large-scale signage featuring ampersand symbols - an eye-catching feature that reinforces the spirit of collaboration and possibility. A cascading graphic forms the backdrop to the reception area. In addition to a meet-and-greet space, the reception needed to have a dual function: due to a lack of group activity areas elsewhere in the office, it was important that the reception function as a core meeting and mingling place for the newly expanded company. In response to this need, Botes immediately opened up the area, removing walls that paradoxically created a sense of constriction and confinement.