African Design Magazine August 2016 - Page 67

ered Atmospheres lad with an all glass façade construction, providing just a minimal barrier between inside and e spectacular views into the shading structure and allow shadows of the golden leaves to enter the he shadows this creates define the mood inside the biotope. eluxe took on the exciting challenge of sounding out new urban spaces and giving residents the ntellectually, emotionally and physically. The overall project, which is realized on behalf of the q and project initiator André Heller, gave the architects at 3deluxe the opportunity to develop and gn ideas without being restricted by purely functional and profit-based considerations. The design ylistic elements in an interdisciplinary architectural language that spans space and cultures. l structures, light and media objects, unusual plants and a musical soundscape, give rise to a butterlies ts a spectacular landscape. Over 500 exotic butterflies – flown in from Malaysia twice a week – uring all stages of their development. The crystalline glass structure’s ceiling is between 3,5 and Joaquín Busch 67