African Design Magazine August 2016 - Page 28

African project Matola Raid Monument – Mozambique to advance knowledge of the contributions by Mozambicans and South Africans to the struggle. Integral to its design are artistic elements that seek to capture the circumstances of the raid itself, memorialise the dead, and reflect the thoughts and experiences of South African and Mozambican intellectuals and exiles. The unique opportunity presented by the brief allowed the design to integrate the Monument and Interpretive Centre with natural pedestrian and vehicular movements of the community. The project has been a catalyst for the development of small businesses and has become an informal meeting place for the local community. The Interpretive Centre provides for visitors and formal tours by school children. Monument Three Red Obelisks symbolic of the three houses raided are orientated in the direction of the houses and placed on radiating lines towards the location of the houses. The thirteen concrete pillars represent the Frontline States and the unwavering support they gave to the Liberation movements; one of these pillars is similarly representative of international solidarity. A stainless steel Wreath Wall has a reverse cut of the outline of the maps of South Africa and Mozambique. This will allow a shadow to be cast over the concrete cenotaph below in perfect outline at 12pm on 31 January each year. The pathway over the Monument is used daily by the community and respectfully deviates around the Obelisks. The edge of the pathway is defined by the “frontline wall” honouring the states which opposed the South African Government during the struggle. 28