African Design Magazine April 2016 - Page 47

African project Chelsea Preparatory School Cricket Pavilion ROJECT TEAM UPGRADE T he new 170m2 facility accommodates functional components on the ground floor including a store room, ablutions and a first aid room. Large score boards are positioned on the external walls. An off-shutter concrete staircase provides access to the upper floor which features a tea serving area for parents with full height glazing facing towards the fields and a wrap around viewing deck. The viewing platform offers a good vantage point for spectators to view the sporting action and also has the opportunity to be used as a flexible, multifunctional space. The large overhang of the thin concrete roof creates a shaded space around the perimeter of the pavilion and sliding aluminium screens also help to provide solar protection and reduce heat gain to the interior. Openable windows allow for natural cross ventilation and natural light, which minimises the need for mechanical ventilation and the use of artificial lighting. In terms of materials, the combination of off-shutter concrete, glass, aluminium, and polished concrete floors were selected for their durability and the requirement to keep maintenance to a minimum. The transparency of the upper floor contrasts with the solidity of the ground floor and the two projecting slabs emphasize the horizontal form of the building. The challenge was trying to utilize as much of the existing structure as possible. Most of the existing building had to be demolished to take the load of the new structure. Another constraint was that most of the building work had to take place during the school holidays to minimize disruptions to the students. The project was completed in January 2016 and the new pavilion has already proven to be very popular. ARCHITECTS: Evolution Architects CLIENT: Chelsea Preparatory School PROJECT MANAGER: GWI Project Managers STRUCTURAL & CIVIL ENGINEER: BPH Engineers CONTRACTOR: Proud Construction COMPLETION: January 2016