African Design Magazine April 2016 - Page 24

EDUCATION Kerry McNamara Architects recently completed the new Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the University of Science & Technology in Namibia. T his four storey building is designed for the education of students of architecture and spatial planning. The design principles of Kerry McNamara Architects revolve around the idea of educational, human and social spaces, creating various levels of public and private teaching, learning and social interactive spaces internally and externally. At an urban design scale, the form and orientation of the building purposefully responds to the environment, to the greater campus as a whole and to the existing campus Pedestrian Street and human student user. It does this by the buildings being orientated to predominantly face North and South in accordance with the new sustainability regulations controlling solar gain through correct orientation. The entrances and front façades of the building relate to the existing pedestrian street by providing a human scaled interactive ground level edge through recesses and structural colonnade’s that enable the pedestrian to interact with the building and be